18 Oct 2020 by Ian Robinson in: Looking Out

Sitting at the beach, the waves are constant, like God, coming to us, again, again, again. Some people play in the waves, jumping, body surfing, board riding, swimming - play can be in many way- and some can only paddle wet to the ankles.

God asks us to play with him in any sort of somehow that we can, and then he invites us to go deeper, to learn something new. Why?
Because Life flows in waves, and that is why God rides in waves to us, presences and absences, time to speak love and times to uncover truth, being in the moment and running in eternity. Climate seasons roll in waves, so do clouds. Light, magnetism, electricity, gold deposits even inter-stellar gravity moves in waves. Rivers and wind and rain and trees grow and bear fruit in seasonal waves. We grow strong, we get sick, we grow strong again. We are born, we grow, we decline, we recede into eternity, like waves on the shore. Its how Life moves. God too.

Riches come, riches go. Trials come, then they go. Darkness comes, then the dawn. And all over again. Jesus grows in us 'Life in all its fullness', he said, Jn 10.10. So, even the comings and goings of presence and absence, growth and decline, are still signs of God's constant love and life. They also call to us 'go deeper'. When we are in the midst of suffering, God hasn’t changed. There may be no meaning in it at all except that life is happening.

The Hebrews have a saying, true for rich times and suffering - 'this too shall pass'. It is good to recite in the long days of pain, in the heady egotistical times of victory, and in those anxious weeks of long waiting.

I hope this is not coming across as philosophical. I mean it to be very grounding. So let us learn to look at the ocean and read how the Creator comes in constant love, and hear his call to go learn what we need right now to go deeper in him.