the Journey Begins

23 May 2019 by Margaret Wigmore in: Looking Out

“ Our Future Journey”.
We hope, pray, and plan for church growth. We dream and strategize in ministry teams, church councils, and presbytery workshops. How can we grow this group? This congregation? This program? It’s profoundly important work. Yet our hoping, praying, and planning are not a response to concerns about our future. It is a response to the call of Jesus Christ upon his church.
The purpose which constitutes the church is the sharing of a message. The church’s mission is to understand that message, to live by that message, and to equip ourselves to share that message – with words and with love. That message is to inform all that we are, and all that we do. It is the reason we hope and plan for church growth. We call that message the Gospel.
The re-telling of the message from those who first experienced had travelled their world telling others that God had begun a new thing, miraculously, among them. God had started renewing and reconciling the whole creation to God in Christ.
Others came to believe through this re-telling of the message. They, too, felt themselves called to share it. Two thousand years later, the disciple communities of the Uniting Church in Australia are among those who have heard the message of the Gospel, found our lives renewed and reconciled because of that message.
I believe God has a Plan for Our church to accomplish more.
We have had our Planning days, and there are many more avenues for us to pursue, some small and accomplishable, some larger that will need more consideration.
Our future journey will not be easy, but I believe God has prepared an Open Door for us to enter.
Let us pray that we have the hope and faith to seek a way to serve the Lord, and to be and do as God’s Church and people. May the Holy Spirit, surprise us with a renewal of energy, a deeper desire for spiritual growth, and further opportunities to build the kingdom of God here in Carlingford.
MW 19.5.19