14 Jun 2020 by Neil Menger in: Looking Out

The Gospel reading this week (Matt 9:35 – 10:10) tells the story of Jesus sending out the disciples to proclaim the Good News of God’s reign and to cast out evil, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and bring sight to the blind.  They were to take nothing and were to rely on the grace and generosity of those they met.  They were forewarned that some would reject and ridicule them.  It was not always going to be easy.

As disciples of Christ, here in the Carlingford area, in 2020, in a Covid-19 environment, we are also called to be available to the community around us, both now and when life returns to some form of normality.  Just as with the disciples of Jesus, we are called to embrace the love and grace that Jesus lived.  His reign was one that promised life, hope, peace, healing, justice and belonging.  As disciples, we embrace this life.

Whilst we are socially distancing and living isolated lives, we have been provided with a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with God.  Let us be using this time as an opportunity for personal retreat and reflection, for enriching and renewing our life of faith and for discovering new ways of reaching out in friendship and support to others in faith.  Building our relationship with God during this strange time will ensure we are well-placed to share our faith when life in all its fullness resumes.