New ways of reaching out

29 Mar 2020 by Neil Menger in: Looking Out

It doesn’t have to be said but we are living in strange and unusual times.  The world as we have known it is undergoing substantial change.  The things we have taken for granted are no longer there or are presented in a different way.  The current events emanating from the Coronavirus pandemic are demanding changes in our lifestyle. 

Even the previous confidence we have experienced in attending worship every Sunday is no longer there.  And we don’t know when this situation is going to end.  But this does not mean we give up.  Rather, it provides an excellent opportunity to reassess the way in which we worship and live as Christians in this new world.

It is a great comfort to know that Jesus is with us, allaying our fears and leading us in hope.  His presence brings peace when everything is in turmoil.  And so as we progress through this Lenten period to Easter we can look to Jesus and be reminded that His death and resurrection assures us that God is greater than our circumstances and offers hope for today and the days ahead.

We are encouraged by our Moderator and General Secretary “to use this time as an opportunity for personal reflection, for enriching and renewing our life of faith, for discovering new ways of reaching out in friendship and support to others in faith, even in the midst of the challenges being experienced.”