Easter Sunday

21 Apr 2019 by Margaret Wigmore in: Looking Out

Easter 2019

Young people camping together once gathered on the beach singing, playing the guitar, praying - waiting for Easter dawn. As the blossoming light lit the sky, ready to usher in a new day, we shouted for joy! Dolphins had come near, rolling and playing only metres from where we sang. Teenager Helen Richmond thumbed through her Bible to Psalm 148:7 proclaiming: ‘Praise the LORD all you great sea creatures!’ Each of us there experienced an enormous burst of God’s love and power and presence, far beyond what we could imagine, as we shared in that communion.

In sorrow and with tears the gathered Good Friday congregation in a Sydney church nailed to a large wooden cross their paper confessions of guilt and shame and failure and sorrow. The echoes of hammers drove deep our awareness that for these, our own sins, Jesus had died. God, present in history, active at every time point in eternity, loves the world (and us) so much he gifts his one and only Son for us.

Here’s the thing: It’s Easter again. Love is come again.

This year, how will you and I make room for our hearts to encounter the dying and rising LORD Jesus - in the context of our own particular lives?

Our memories of profound spiritual experiences fuel us and become stories we can share. Still the risen LORD keeps calling us new every morning - to be ready and faithful this day, this week, in this place. Love is come again.