A Turn in the Road

10 Jan 2020 by Margaret Wigmore in: Looking Out

AT THIS TURN IN THE ROAD for Carlingford Uniting Church, what do you now seek?

A prayer from Luke 15 by Ian Robinson


We choose to sit with you, Jesus,

to welcome the broken and the lost into our homes and hearts,

To go out, seek out the lost, and bring them home.

To 'clear' the church's old dust, and find the real treasure among us,

To pray again in lament,

for those who don't want to know who we know,

We are actively waiting for that day,

readying our hearts for joy .

Remove from us that religious spirit of those who grumbled at Jesus

Those who kept things tidy, didn't look outwards, didn't keep praying.

Make of us again , in this time and place, in this time of change, your disciples.